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2012.05.16 - William - I'm Back and so is the Server

It's been some time since last update now. But everything is up and running, so grab me on the forum if you have any questions.


2011.10.25 - William - Game Update

A lot of new things has been done to the game this time. It has the same download link as before. So you can press on the big image above. Update list:



  • Correct sell prices in the client.
  • Fix quest grammar and wrongs.
  • Fix reborn window showing wrong stats. change reborn in server also
  • Travel window not closing when moving.
  • Moving with the mouse caused sync issues.
  • You cant target a monster standing on a item.
  • Party randomly showing up.
  • Some problem with the storage chest.
  • It didnt check if u had all gfx files before, it does now.
  • Debugger start game button fixed.
  • Advanced Quest System, showing you finished and started quests.
  • Add a "long hair style".
  • You can mine with CTRL button and on the same spot for 3 tries.
  • Easier spell targeting, so you can press a area, and then casts on all creature within that area. This is a big buff to mages.
  • Guild window update, showing rank on the members.
  • Skillbar shows up when you are crafting.
  • Adding pets.
  • Added support for NT Native GFX System.
  • x2 and x3 seraphs has been nerfed a little.
  • Crafting tools have lower cooldown.
  • Sell prices are lower.
  • Exp for the first 10 levels have been lowered.
  • Regeneration on hp, mana and stamina has been sligthly increased.
  • Disabled some options in K2HConfig.


2011.10.12 - William - Server Up and Running

It's been almost a year since lat update on the website. I had some more recent news on the forum but that is still more than 6months old now. I been doing some further work and feel I should release it to let the people who want to play, play. I will be monitoring the server but it should be able to keep itself up and running on its own. I hope you enjoy the game. And lets hope I be more active :)


2010.12.22 - William - Game Progress

Some interesting progress has been done to the game lately so check out the forum for some extra info here. I'm planning a Christmas Release but time is creeping up on me so right now I dont know if I will have enough time to get all the things I want done. But please give some feedback on the forums and lets hope for the best.


2010.09.28 - William - Key To Heaven Released

Top Players: Here

Death List: Here

For those who don't know such lists exist, here you have a short way to reach them. You can find a lot of game information such as items etc if you press Game Data in the top right corner on the website.


If you are experiencing errors or problems when you try to launch the game or login. Please post about it if you can't get it working. Because I know all the fixes and I will guide you through it. Thanks!


2010.09.25 - William - Key To Heaven Released

It's been awhile since I was last active but during my away time I managed to finish the game and release it. Press the big picture above to start the download. All the game masters, game keepers, paid members and tournament winners should contact me on the forum to be given their certain accesses etc. Enjoy the play and tell your friends! :)


2010.08.31 - William - Website Finished

It's been very difficult for me but now the website ispretty much finished - all pages now match eachother. Since the game and website is finished now. I should be able to release k2h now. I know it should have beenreleased this summer and I have no explanation for this other than I wasn't on my computer much. However I'm now back in my own apartment and ordered a new computer today. I will setup the server in my apartment, giving me full control and maintanance over the server.


2010.02.23 - William - Bug Period Over & Further News

The bug period is now over, and I'm glad to announce that we have found a lot of problems with the server. So I now have a lot of work fixing them all. The reason I'm glad is because this means there will be less/if any bugs in the final version. The bug period involved 52 accounts and 54 characters, the top list can be seen here. The X's in the list vary because I gave a few people wings for fun. I doubt anybody managed to actually seraph on this short version. If you have any suggestions other than bug fixes involving the gameplay. Be sure to post them as soon as possible! Concerning the bug fixing, I do not know how long it will take exactly.


School is taking up a lot of time right now, and I'm struggeling to keep up with it. I'm aware I set a date for the final version, but I don't exactly remember when it was. I will do my best to keep it but with the extended bug period and the amount of fixes that's required; it will be impossible to determine a exact date.


Concerning the website. It has proven more difficult than I first thought to change it all. There are so many pages and each page takes a lot of time because I need to reset the text color classes for each paragraph. But you will see more parts of the website being converted into the new theme over time.


Thanks for hanging around and I hope this answeres some questions for you all.


2010.02.13 - William - New Website & Bug Period

Been editing the website some, the old green'ish website was to much green and it stood out to much. I think this is a more cleaner look that you don't mind looking at for a longer period of time. If it is still green for you, press F5 and it should fix it. Concerning the test version that is currently out. I have not checked the latest status report on the server so don't know if people are still bug searching. But either way, we gotten tons of reports and once I close the server down. I will begin to fix them. Feel free to give feedback on the new website layout while it is still in progress.


2010.01.30 - William - Download the Full Test Version

Key To Heaven has now been released in it's Omega Test Version. The purpose is for all of you to try out the game but mostly to find bugs, problems and anything you don't like. Whatever it is, I need it reported on the forum. Avoid telling me on MSN because I will forget it in a second. So report it on the forum. The experience rate is doubled in this version so the gameplay is twice as fast. So you can see more of the game and find more bugs. Further info can be found here:


You can download it here: KeyToHeavenOmega.rar


2010.01.25 - William - Test Server & Final Version

K2h is about to be released, first I will submit a test server to determine any possible last bugs that needs fixing. The test server will be up for 1-2weeks depending on the dedication of the testing. Shortly after that the final preparations will be made and the game will be released. And when it is released it will never wipe again, but of course I will make updates to it. I hope you stick around in the final time now. I know many of you been waiting for years now and I can with most certainty say that the time will shortly come, and we shall see if k2h becomes a success or not.




2009.11.18 - William - New Domain

The progress is going great, the release may have been pushed back a little but it's all for the better. I just renewed my domain and took the opportunity to buy The .com domain wasn't available the first time I purchased the .net. But now it's nice to have a more official domain name that's easier to remember. So you may now use


2009.10.17 - William - Tiny Version

You can now download a small version to pastime with. Enjoy the nice gameplay and check out the new features and pvp with your friends. You can download it on the forum or here:


2009.10.13 - William - Latest Progress

There hasn't been much progress reports on the game lately due to my occupation with school. However things are starting to turn. Next week I have 2 exams, after that I will have plenty of time to get things done and open the server. So the server should open within 2 weeks from today. I will check in on the forum from time to time but not as much as I sometimes do. But I can see that the game is starting to shape up and after I get diagonal arrows done later on the game won't have much left until I'll plan a final release.


2009.09.07 - William - Screenshot Section

So I added some screenshots to the screenshot page on the website. Will be updating with more further on. I just felt like I should add least put some up there for people to see.


2009.09.02 - William - Advanced Targeting System

So today I spent a few hours programming a very cool targeting system. All the time when you hover over the game screen you will see a 32*32 target image. Like this (press the image to enlarge it):


What makes this even more awesome is that when you hover over a monster, you will see where you can cast a spell. So it will display a red target image when you are ready to cast the spell:


And what took some time for me programming it was the fact that I have 3 different sizes of monsters in the game (32*32, 32*64, 64*64). The 32*32 and 32*64 monsters can be targeted on 2 locations, while the 64*64 can be target on 4 locations. You really need to check this out when the test server opens cause it's really fancy.


Hope you enjoy it :)


2009.08.20 - William - New Apartment

My last week has been very busy. My school started August 18th - which menas I've been in school 3 days now. During this week I found an apartment and moved out from my family house, so I'm currently living by myself for my first time. The move is now complete and I got my computer and everything setup in this new apartment that's located about 120km from my home town - it's not that much but it's still kinda scary in some ways. I havn't checked if my new bot protection worked so I will do that now and also reply to any posts on the forum. I will probably not have time to submit and progress updates during the next 3-4 days or so since there are tons of activities in school to get to know all the other students and classmates. And I don't want to miss that cause I don't know anybody here yet. So I wouldn't mind to make some new friends here at the university in Gutenburg (Sweden). Well se ya on the forum :)


PS: I will start with headlines in the news from now on, should make things a little more organized I think.


2009.08.07 - William

My main focus at the moment is to make the battle more smooth, I've gotten complaints before and I never really liked how the arrows system and parts of the spell system works. So today I made it so you can't cast a spell unless you actually press on a player/monster. Before you could press anywhere on the map and it would cast on it's target. But now you need to press on something to cast. Way smoother and better looking. This change actually makes me wanna be a mage. I also give you a screenshot of me testing it.

Click to enlarge.



2009.08.02 - William

It's been long since any previous development updates but I wanted you all to know that I'm back and will be submitting updates as much as I can. Felt like I should post a small screenshot here :p I had to kill a Goblin to get into the old k2h spirit.



2009.05.28 - William

I decided to fix up the forums button above so it ncludes some more involvement on the website. I will soon submit weekly/monthly polls depending on the amount of votes as well as involve you in the shoutbox and possible chat. If you know any other methods of communications feel free to tell me on the forum. I also allow for affiliates so everybody who wants to share their website, just PM me on the forum and I be sure to give you a banner.


2009.03.24 - William

I'd like you to check out all the new pages on the website and give some feedback if you press the forum text button. It currently has a temporary shoutbox where you can give some cents in privacy ^^ I've started adding the pages to the Game Data and it's turning out pretty good so far.


2009.03.21 - William

I've been adding a lot more information to the website today and it's starting to shape up. There is still a lot more work to be done. But I'm starting to wonder what kind of forum I want. I will use a convertor so we can keep all the old posts and members. Also if someone knows how to add a comment system onto this news system that would be awesome.


2009.03.20 - William

Started constructing a new website for key to heaven. The old one doesn't represent the game as I want it to. It doesn't feel like an old school 2d orpg - but Hopefully this new will. I will be changing things on the website over time so feel free to check it out as the time goes by. Enjoy :)