Key To Heaven - My Story


Nintendo and Super Nintendo Entertainment System

My gaming life started when I was very young. I do not remember when I got my 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System but I remember playing it. I remember playing duckhunt and super mario 1. One of the greatest NES games ever made is Zelda 1, I remember like it was yesterday when I played with my brother and we keep switching turns because the control was so bad so we had to press the buttons so hard so our fingers aked. It was good times, I guess I was around 6-8 years old.


These are screenshots from the 3 NES games I mentioned above:



However, I do remember when I first got my SNES, my first game I had was Super Mario, a very fun game at that time. I actually still collect SNES games and have around 170+ cartridges. But back to my story of how I became a game creator. The game that really took my breath away was Zelda: A Link To The Past. It's the best game ever made to the present day in my opinion. If you never played it I really suggest you buy it or get a emulator to play it. Ever since the day I started playing Zelda I realized this is what I want to do. To make a game similar to Zelda: A Link To The Past. And so began my era of game design. It wasn't easy for me, I was still very young, probably around 10 years old.


Zelda: A Link To The Past:



Game Maker

At this time I didn't have broadband (also called dsl), so I was on dial-up. My parents didn't like it because it added up to the phone bill pretty much. But my ant had broadband so I often went there when I was going to spend a longer time on the internet. I searched on for some kind of game maker program. After awhile I realized that was the best choise to find a decent program, and if I remember correctly I think it was called Game Maker.


This is what I remember Game Maker looking like. I had a airplain like that but with less fancy graphics:



It was a very basic program at this time, I read a 30 pages long guide in english to learn more about it. And my english wasn't very good at that time but I managed to make a very small airplain game. God I wish I had a screenshot of it but it basically had 1 airplain that you controlled and you could shoot against maybe 2 enemies. This wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it kept me busy for some time. But I kept searching for a alternate program and eventually I found it!


RPG Toolkit Development System

RPG Toolkit is a single player rpg maker. You can find the website here: It wasn't as advanced as it is today. Back then I was using Toolkit 2 (since Toolkit 1 was a rpg dos maker). I loved this program so much, I was occupied with it for several years. But still I was very young, I guess I was around 11 when I found it and something funny is that it has a Tile Editor. A tile editor is actually like paint but you can only make gfx in the size of 32*32 pixels. I did not realize that in the begining though, so I started making a title screen in it.

Toolkit 2 in all it's glory. Might not look like much but it's still the best

single player RPG maker out there up to date:



My first game in Toolkit 2 was called Legenden om William (The Legend of William). I still have this game and eventually I might submitt it here for you guys to test out. I made my friends play this game a lot and a few of them actually enjoyed it. However it was very unbalanced but it all lead up to what I accomplised today. I also made a few more games in it. One called Kristallens Legend (The Legend of the Crystall), it was somewhat similar to my first but with more custom system and nicer graphics. Remember that Toolkit is not a program that requires much programming. You can make a decent game without any programming. But I was eager to learn and struggled a lot and eventually became one of the most experience programmers in the Toolkit community. My last game with Toolkit was the begining to Key To Heaven. The game was called Marovia: Legend of Ice Dremen.


Here you have a very small proportion of my work with the toolkit. I have

tons of more screenshots but I can't submitt them all here. The Menu systems

and battle systems displayed here is programmed in RPG Code bye me:









In this game I spent a lot of time making custom graphics. The grass and many other graphics are now a part of K2H. But my big dissapointment was when Toolkit 3 came. I had put in countless hours into Marovia and I was really looking forward to Toolkit 3 because of it's many nice features. My game was made in the resolution 480*608, but Toolkit 3 did not support that resolution. So my custom made battle system and my custom made menu system and all the npc text and such was useless. The X and Y coordinates did not match up and it all look very strange when I tested the new resolution Toolkit offered. So my work was for nothing unless I sticked to Toolkit 2. So eventually I had to quit. But what did I know at that time, my journey had just began.


Konfuze - ORPG Engine

I stopped making games with Toolkit when I was around 14-15 years old. I don't remember exactly how I found Konfuze. It might have been from some website or something, I honestly can't remember. Either way, when I first encountered it I could not believe my eyes. A actual online role playing game engine that did not require any programming knowledge. It was like my dream had been answered. It was everything I could ask for at that time. I jumped straight into it and joined the forum, I remember being so jelous of the VIP members. I began a game called Marovia. It turned out great and I started doing a lot more graphics and almost all the graphics I made for it is still used in K2H. I had many players and a nice little community. Too bad I can't remember any of the current members being with me at that time.


These are a few screenshots from my game using Konfuze and also a few from using the released Elysium Source code:







Eventually I became a VIP member thanks to a nice man on MSN who liked my game, he paid the $8 it costed and I was deeper into the community. Sadly Konfuze was coming to an end. And once again I did not know what to do. By this time I was aware where Konfuze had come from. So I had to decide if I was going to continue with Konfuze or go to it's origin and learn real programming to make an even better game. I remember posting on and asking them what they would do. My final answer became to start my own game with miragesource.

Mirage Source

Mirage Source was very difficult for me, I did have some programming skills from Toolkit but that language called RPG Code was closer to C than it was to VB. Still it helped me some, and after some months I got a good understanding of how things worked. I started my game with Mirage Source 3.0.3. Eventually I heared that a new version was on it's way, a version called Mirage Source Engine 1. I learnt a lot from 3.0.3 which was the first version of Mirage Source. But when MSE1 came I decided to start my game, this source had bug fixes and was more user friendly. So I began my work once again. I think I was about 16-17 years old at that time. Since I found Mirage Source I've had plenty of different projects: Bevrias Engine, Phoenix Engine and a couple of other things. Mirage Source has played a big role in my life but not close to what Toolkit did. I even remember burning in TK into my left arm when I was in a science class when I was 14 years old. It was kinda stupid but it's healed and I can't see it anymore. All this has lead to the game you see on this website today. You might argue that the graphics lack real looks but it's all done by me and that's what matters. And eventually this game will turn out good. I know it.


Future Predictions

Since sometime back I've been planning on making a game in C++, C# or C after I finish Key To Heaven. This will be the sequal to it and will probably be called Key To Heaven 2.


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