Key To Heaven 2 - The Island



My next game will be a 2d isometric medieval mmorpg. The idea is to bring the missing pvp elements from Key to Heaven to make more intense fights with many character fighting frames. The graphic part of the game will be a huge improvement to the previous work I've done. Mostly because I started the other gfx more thn 6 years ago, and I kept the same style throughout that whole project. So really looking forward to making iso graphics this time. You can compare the below house to my old house graphic:



Here is a small peak on a unfinished exterior house (still lacking shades):



Game Concept

The main idea for this project is to base it around guilds and pvp, but I'm also hoping there will be crafting. I'm planning to have the game play out on a island, you start in a town and you can immedietly start exping and becomming stronger. But also have a zone in the world where you can build stuff, like guild houses and such. And this area will also be a pvp zone, except a very small part in the begining of the building part where you can mine stone and wood and such in safety, but in small quantities. By doing this, we allow the players to build guildhouses, and protect the construction of the houses from other players trying to stop the progress. There will also be some way for other players to destroy parts of other buildings, but thats a later discussion. This is however only a small part of the game, as the main cause of the game will be to become higher level, get better equipment, do quests and kill all other players. Pvp will start after level 5.



Here is another graphic part I made, I was just playing around with this because I was curious and wanted to learn angles and such:


Illusion of a hill (the grass is just a temporary base from my old game):



This should give a vague idea of how the land can look in the game. Combine this with mountains, roads, trees and houses and it can turn out pretty unique. This is the base template I use to make the gfx:




Game Market

A lot of people in the world today like games where they build things, take MineCraft or farmville on facebook for example. All popular games and I want to make a part of this game like that. So the game will be defined ass a pvp based crafting game.