17. Development

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17. Development

Postby William » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:45 pm

The work is continuing:

Time to share some of the dev notes, some might cover stuff that I posted screenshots for and such. But it's time to post it before it gets too long (from rev 318):
* Added new item type Quantity for quest items that supports an unlimited amount.
* Trees will respawn after 10minutes.
* Implemented 3 wood types: Oak, Cedar and Deadwood.
* Lowered the max on each casual skill to level 15.
* New skill Sneak finished.
* Further work on cooking.
* Woodcutting implemented.
* Tree exp is now shown.
* Started adding two new skills Cooking and Sneak and added more room for new future skills.
* Maps can store more data for new map features.
* Maps have been fully restructured for easier future developments I have in plan.
* Maps are now encrypted for more security.
* Loading maps into memory prior to login.
* Minimap added with player position.
* Fixed so wheat and nightglory now has the correct drop rates.
* Lowered statpoints and skill points given from quests.
* Added some tracking data for me so I can view activity easier.
* Remade spells.
* Fixed grammar on all quests.
* 2 new quests added.
* Many new exp areas added with new monsters.
* Also new monsters with balanced exp for players with lower armor class.


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