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15. Test Version is LIVE (V5)

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:04 pm
by William
Download: (alternative:

* Don't send me error/bug reports ingame. I will have enough to do monitoring and testing myself.
Post all errors/bugs/issues/unbalanced gameplays etc in the k2h discord room Reports, or PM me, or by email to
Try to include as much information as possible and screenshots if possible.
* Anybody who reaches above level 40 in the test version will receive a unique item in the final release (this item will not give stats, only provide a unique look).
* Your accounts from the test version will be deleted prior to the final release.
* I pretty much want everything tested, the more we find now the better the final version will be.
* Please have understanding that this is a very early test version.

Re: 15. Test Version is LIVE

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:47 pm
by William

Re: 15. Test Version is LIVE

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:24 pm
by William
Version 3 is out! Download : obsolete
* Monsters can now cast spells.
* Upgradeable items implemented fully with +X names in chest, market etc..
* New Skill System and damage formulas for npcs and players.
* New Dye system to color items.
* Enemies can walk on trap/damage tiles.
* Replaced Stunblow with Replenishment in the skill system. There was already 3 offensive skills, so now we have 3 casual, 3 defensive and 3 offensive.
* Fixed crash issue. If connection is lost the game will be closed and the player informed what happened.
* New quests added.
* Fixed old issue with spell anim not showing always.
* New maps and areas.
* etc..

Re: 15. Test Version is LIVE (V5)

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:17 pm
by William
Not long since I released last version, but here comes Test Version V5:

* Increased password security.
* Improved server logging.
* Can double click a spell to cast it.
* Click on spell to show the description.
* fixed new dye rendering.
* fixed inventory update from quests.

* Fixed spell targeting when also targeting yourself. For example you did not attack monsters if you had focus on yourself as well.
* Fixed Hotkeys so they are now stored in user documents so they will be saved. Previously required admin rights when running k2h for hotkeys to be saved.
* Fixed npc walking issue for the 64*64 npcs.
* Fixed spell requirements.
* Fixed healing/boost spells not casting on monsters.
* Fixed so it now properly reset skills on reborn.
* Fixed wings option button.
* Fixed so pets will no longer attack friendly npcs.
* Fixed farming tool (since I previously broke it in last update).
* Fixed dye coloring.
* Fixed pet attacks.
* Fixed if chest is closed from inventory close button then you can now move.
* Fixed last known dye render issue in inventory when swapping item into same slot.
* New maps added.
* New more balanced random function for item drops rates, upgrade items etc..
* More server logging to easier fix future problems.
* Upgraded items now works correctly for chest, playermarket, shops and if it breaks.
* Extra security added to chest.
* Better error handling.
* etc

Re: 15. Test Version is LIVE (V5)

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:15 pm
by William
So much has been done now. Everyday we get further with new systems, improvements and fixes. Join the discord for more info! :) ... nknown.png
Image ... nknown.png