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2018.09.25 - William - RIP Forum

The forum is now lost, the database was fully gone and my host could not restore it. I will search for a backup but so far without luck. I managed to restore an older forum that you can visit in the old forums button at the top. You can still contact me on: or visit my latest game project:

2012.07.02 - William - IP Change

I'm now hosting the server on a new location. This means you either have to redownload the game or run the Updater.exe in the game folder. Good Luck and enjoy the fun.


If you find any pages on the website that you can not view, please report this to me. And I need to add .php to the page link.


2012.06.01 - William - New Version

A new version of the client is out. You can download it from the image above. It features a new inventory, stat window and a couple of new things, but it mostly focuses on bugfixes reported on the forum. You can read more about it in the Announcement board on the forum. Remember that the game is in it's final stage. But updates will keep comming as long as there is a small community behind me. The server will however always be up and running. See you in the game.


2012.05.19 - William - New Inventory

Been doing some work on the game, and just finished a new inventory. It will be some days untilI upload the new client so you can't use it yet.





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